By their tweets you will know them: who have Sanchez and Rajoy congratulated during their term?

This is a translation of an original article published at Catalunya Plural in Catalan and Spanish.


Sportsmen, artists and politicians have been the groups that Pedro Sánchez has most congratulated on Twitter since he was elected the head of the Spanish Government. Find out with an interactive graph each tweet in which the President has congratulated someone and compare him to the President who preceded him, Mariano Rajoy

From the inauguration of the Presidency last June to the present day – when the general election has been called – Sánchez has tweeted 68 messages with the word “congratulations” or similar. Most of the time – in 43% of the tweets – ha was congratulating athletes; 21%, members of the cultural world and 18%, politicians.

Regarding gender, four out of ten times men or male groups were the ones to whom the congratulations were addressed, while in only one third of the tweets women or female teams were congratulated.

Who has Pedro Sánchez congratulated on Twitter since he became President?

Classify and color the tweets according to the year or month they were sent, the gender and the category of the person or group that received the greeting. Hover over the tweet to read it.

Interactive version in the original article

The president who preceded him, Mariano Rajoy, also used this social network to send his congratulations over the seven years of his term. Of the 281 tweets with the words “congratulations” or similar, half were for athletes and 27% for political colleagues or political organizations. The men congratulated by Rajoy outperformed those praised by Sanchez: as many as 57% were men, while only 17% were women.

Who did Mariano Rajoy congratulate on Twitter while he was President?

Sort and colour the tweets according to the year they were sent, the gender and the category of the person or group that received the greeting. Hover over the tweet to read it.

Interactive cartogram in the original article

Most of the time, the athletes congratulated by both presidents were members of Spanish national teams. In addition, Rajoy tweeted during the 2016 Rio Olympics as President, but also sent many to the Spanish football league teams and to Rafa Nadal.

Another curiosity is to see which politicians the presidents congratulated. Two thirds of the politicians whom Rajoy congratulated were members of his own party, while Sanchez congratulated colleagues only in one third of the cases.

His tweets, however, also show his willingness to weave international alliances. Sánchez congratulated the Mexican López Obrador, the President of Ethiopia Sahlework Zewde and the Swedish Stefan Löfven. Rajoy, congratulated the US Donald Trump, the Colombian Juan Manuel Santos, the Panamanian Juan Carlos Varela, the Venezuelan Leopoldo López and the head of the European Council Donald Tusk, among others.

It has to be emphasized that both presidents only congratulated scientists once. Rajoy congratulated a few days before ending his term to those awarded the Great Crosses of the Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise and Pedro Sánchez congratulated Biola M. Javierre, who has been distinguished as one of the 15 Young Talents Promising of the L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science.

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