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8 out of 10 companies fail to fulfil environmental requirements in Catalonia

The Department of Territory and Sustainability’s environmental inspections in 2018 found significant breaches in one-third of companies. However, the Directorate-General for Environmental Quality and Climate Chang explain, however, that not all the breaches they have found have an effect on the environment

Electoral repetition further divides the vote in Catalonia

Although independence is on the rise and the right is losing its grip in Catalonia, movements within the respective ideological blocs now make the vote more divided than six months ago. We analyse what has been the transfer of votes within the independence bloc and the right parties at Catalan and municipal levels

Neither by district nor by neighbourhood: two cartograms so that the election maps do not lie to you

Barcelona en Comú won 6 of the 10 districts of the city. Esquerra Republicana has done so in 30 of the 73 neighbourhoods. But election maps showing the winner by area often hide a more complex reality. We show two maps that adjust the sizes of their areas to its population and their colours to the percentage of votes to see how the parties are distributed in Barcelona

Only 30% political parties lists for the local election are headed by women

Gender inequalities at the top of the electoral lists vary in different parties, increasing in smaller villages, where men reach three quarters of the list

Airbnb recovered in three months the number of flats in offer it had before to the closing down of 2,500 illegal flats in Barcelona

This is a translation of an original article published at Catalunya Plural in Catalan and Spanish. Despite the removal in June of 2,577 illegal flats published on Airbnb, last September the platform supply grew to the levels it had before the commitment to close unlicensed ads. In addition, in Ciutat Vella neighborhood the offer of holiday apartments on […]

By their tweets you will know them: who have Sanchez and Rajoy congratulated during their term?

Sportsmen, artists and politicians have been the groups that Pedro Sánchez has most congratulated on Twitter since he was elected the head of the Spanish Government. Find out with an interactive graph each tweet in which the President has congratulated someone and compare him to the President who preceded him, Mariano Rajoy

Two out of three public schools in Barcelona have more than twice immigrants than its nearest charter school

In Barcelona, 17 primary schools have less than 1% of immigrant schoolchildren, while in 18 they exceed 50%

Mapping the Catalan vote

Cartograms of the data analysis of the 2017 Catalan elections outcome in relation to population.

Theft and robbery on the rise in Central Birmingham

Increase in crimes of theft and robbery in Birmingham city centre between January and November 2017.

Waste in Birmingham: new opportunities for reducing and recycling

How is Birmingham dealing with its waste?